Parents and Players Code of Conduct

Above all other team games, Cricket has a hard earned and jealously protected reputation of being played, win or lose, within the boundaries of “fair play” showing at all times the highest level of sportsmanship towards your opponents and team mates. Any player representing MGCCA automatically signs up to this code of conduct. Which summarised is that:


  • Gamesmanship and “sledging” are unacceptable for players
  • Aggressive involvement from parents is unacceptable.


Players representing the MGCCA and parents/guardians will abide by the following code of conduct;


i) Team Tactics


Matters relating to team tactics are the SOLE responsibility of the Coach and Team Captain. They should NOT be publicly criticised by players, parents or non-participants.


ii) Batting Order


The batting order will be decided by the Coach and captain, no one else.


iii) Players Performances


Judgements of players’ performances are the prerogative of the selectors. Shows of public disapproval by parents and spectators should not occur.


iv) Selectors’ and Umpires’ Decisions


Players, Parents and spectators MUST accept without question decisions made by selectors and MOST ESPECIALLY the umpires during the course of the game.


v) Discipline


ALL matters relating to team and individual discipline on and off the field are the responsibility of the Selectors, Coaches and Managers. This includes players’ behaviour off the field and when travelling to and from matches.


vi) Acceptance Form


It will be assumed that any player accepting an invitation to play for MGCCA, does so in the knowledge of the above and the ACCEPTANCE AND COMPLIANCE with the principles contained within this code.


vii) MGCCA Disciplinary Committee


In the case of a parent or player being involved in an incident related to the above or in any other matter connected with the sportsmanlike conduct of the game, the player may be withdrawn forthwith from the game concerned and the match report will be considered by the MGCCA Disciplinary Committee.


viii) Withdrawal


Any player may be withdrawn by the Coach / Manager from any match at any time and for any reason.


ix) Support for Coaches & Managers


Youngsters need the support and encouragement of their parents. It is positively detrimental to their personal and cricketing development if they witness a parent or supporter publicly contradicting what they have been told by their Coach and manager, however unhappy the parent may be about any specific incident. Parents should also respect that the dressing room is out of bounds during hours of play so that the coach can have the players undivided attention.


x) Photographs


MGCCA will not permit photographs, video images or other images of Young People to be taken without the consent of the Parents/Carers and the Young Person as per ECB Welfare of Young People Policy. I confirm that there are no restrictions related to taking photos/videos under the stated conditions. These Conditions will be for either coaching analysis or publicity. No names will accompany pictures or Vice Versa.